Summer Camp

Global Youth Entrepreneurship Summer Camp (3 weeks summer camp with optional residential choice)

Program Structure

  • Three Core PBL Courses + 1 Capstone + Silicon Valley Lab Study
  • Based on the content, the learners of this summer camp will be the 10th to 12th graders. We design this Project Based summer camp as a preparation to mature our young students in an authentic way to understand the real-world challenges as well as the uncertain future.   

GYE Summer Camp Outcome:

  • Entrepreneurial Alertness – Discovering opportunities and resources
    • Inferring from surroundings to notice and see value in opportunities not apparent to others  
  • Entrepreneurial Efficacy – Goal Shaping and Lifelong Learning 
    • The grit of overcome difficulties and a high level of persistence
  • From Concept to Acquisition
    • Learn through assembly talks, mentor guidance, practices, competitions
  • From Pitching to Funding
    • Meeting real investors at Silicon Valley; Pitching at the center of Silicon Valley
  • College Admission Highlighting
    • Entrepreneur experience; Recommendation Letter from a mentor

GYE Summer Camp Highlights

  • Individualized mentor guidance from Silicon Valley top executives and scholars from Ivy League Universities
  • Winners will receive entrepreneurship scholarships ranging from $ 1000 to $ 5000
  • Outstanding projects will have the opportunity to receive venture capital
  • Global Youth Entrepreneurship Summer Camp Certificate of Completion   
  • Recommendation Letter from the GYE Advisor Board