What is GYE Competition (GYEC)?

7+ Countries

500+ Students

100+ Projects

$10,000+ Scholarship

Who Are We?

Global Youth Entrepreneurship Competition @ Silicon Valley welcomes teenagers from around the world. This is the space where your learning passion thrives and your ideas blossom.

Bring your initiatives to us and we will help you cultivate them through interactive workshops and individualized coaching. Throughout the competition, you will have the opportunity to work alongside talented peers to take on problem-solving challenges, learn valuable insights from successful entrepreneurs, and explore the entrepreneurial cultures through the Silicon Valley visit. 

Our goal is for you to have a better understanding of your core values, strengths, and areas of improvement so that you can excel wherever you go. Throughout the competition, candidates will have access to workshops on Entrepreneurship Mindset, Design Thinking, Marketing & Finance, and Leadership for SDG as well as individualized coaching sessions.

Our Mission

At GYE Zone, we support the Sustainable Development Goals, and we are committed to engaging global young people in this effort. GYE competition will offer today’s young students, especially high school students with an opportunity to explore their passion! Through an authentic learning approach and assessment, we aim to empower aspiring global young students with the mindset of entrepreneurship, cross-culture immersing learning environment, the grit for overcoming difficulties, and the goal for lifelong learning, and ultimately contribute to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


Our Advantages

Academic Resources from Top Universities

Academic resources from UPenn (Graduate School of Education, Wharton Business School, and School of engineering) and UCSB provide GYEC with a full solid academic foundation. Participants will learn about entrepreneurship and innovative practice GYEC workshop series taught by professional instructors from UPenn & UCSB and well prepare for the competition.

Mentoring by Elite Executives from Silicon Valley Companies

Participants will independently complete sustainable development projects and complete the final pitch under the guidance of executive mentors from Silicon Valley. Participants will discuss the various problems encountered in the project and product designing process with their mentors and learn the most feasible practical experience.

Breaking Boundaries and Cross-Cultural Learning

Through the most authoritative and prestigious entrepreneurship program, participants will have direct dialogues with Silicon Valley elites and Ivy League professors. The winning team in the US finals will be invited to compete with other winning teams in the global finals where they can meet outstanding young entrepreneurs from all over the world!

True Journey of Independent R&D and Product Design

Participants will start from the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals and discover the various problems that exist in the real world. They will work together in form of a team, integrating their strengths, and finally identifying an effective solution; then, transforming the solution into a feasible and sustainable entrepreneurial innovation project.

What You Can Achieve?

Youth Entrepreneur Mindset

During the competition, participants will directly learn from business leaders and academic elites. Through direct face-to-face learning, participants will instill an entrepreneurial mindset, equip with powerful 21st-century skills, and become decisive, responsible, confident, humble, and optimistic.

Transferrable College Credits

During the competition, participants will participate in UCSB Entrepreneur Pre-college Program. After complete the program, participants will receive 2 transferrable college credits on entrepreneurship, official transcript and recommendation letters from UCSB.

UCSB Course Completion Certificate
UCSB Official Transcript with TWO College Credits

UCSB Certificates and Official Transcript Examples

Theory and Practice

Completing the Entrepreneur Mindset Course and participating in the personal guidance of Silicon Valley and Ivy League instructors, the participant will finally create a feasible business plan and a final pitch to contribute to the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Through the experience of combining theory and practice, participants will realize self-knowledge and surpass themselves!

Official Certificate and Entrepreneurship Scholarship

After completing the competition, the participants will receive authoritative Certificates of participation and Awards provided by the GYEC Committee. The winning teams will receive an entrepreneurial scholarship of up to 10,000 US dollars provided by the GYEC Committee!

GYEC Certificates
GYEC Certificates
GYEC Certificates

GYEC Certificates Examples

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